Parkinson’s Exercise Program

Joe Green - Parkinson's Exercise Coach

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Joe Green specializes in working with those who face the daily challenges of Parkinson’s. His unique and innovative approach to exercise and wellness has changed the whole entire experience when it comes to living well with Parkinson’s. 

Having worked with physicians themselves who suffer from the disease as well as with others just like yourself, Joe has blended his twenty plus years of experience and success to create the WE MOVE Parkinson’s Exercise Program


A health and fitness program just for Parkinson’s that’s built and designed to…

Personal Trainer for Parkinson's Patients
  • Sharpen focus and motor skills with exercises that improve balance, agility and multitasking.
  • Build confidence and the ability to enjoy life to the fullest by increasing strength and endurance.
  • Manage the side effects of Parkinson’s by making movement fun, purposeful and rewarding thanks to a custom-blended variety of exercise options.
  • Enhance rhythmic functions, increase range of motion and provide relief from stiffness and tight, sore muscles.
  • Support you and your loved ones during the journey of living a new normal with an open invitation to talk to someone who really cares and truly understands.


Parkinson’s Exercise Program

The WE MOVE Parkinson’s Exercise Program is an all-inclusive exercise program that helps improve both motor and non motor Parkinson’s symptoms. From boxing to Tai Chi — everything you need is here and skillfully blended to make your health and fitness experience exactly what you need it to be.

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    Parkinson's Exercise Program - Phoenix

    The Expert People Trust


    “I have known Joe Green for 14 years. Joe has worn many hats for me over the years. As I have transitioned through life, he has been my personal trainer, counselor and life coach. But the most important role he has played in my life is that of a trusted friend. Joe is a highly skilled, knowledgeable and compassionate professional and someone you will want to have in your corner to help you battle the many physical and mental challenges associated with Parkinson’s.” – Frank

    Parkinson's Exercise Program - Phoenix

    The One Doctors Refer To


    “Joe’s background and special interest in helping patients with movement disorders and limitations makes him an invaluable resource for motivating and rehabilitating challenging patients. He has achieved incredible results for my patients and delivers care in both a highly professional and personal manner. Joe has my highest recommendation.” – Dr. Setzer, MD

    Joe Green has been changing lives while working side-by-side
    with those who choose to take a stand and be proactive
    in managing the side effects of Parkinson’s.


    • One-on-one dedicated time and attention…
    • Patient and detailed instruction…
    • Variety to stimulate fun and interest…
    • A sense of empowerment and renewed energy…
    • A welcoming smile every time, all of the time!

    Discover your greatest potential now by taking advantage of the best Phoenix Parkinson’s Exercise program in the valley.

    Arrange a time to connect with Joe. You will be glad you did. Meeting with Joe gives you the chance to talk about yourself, tell your story, ask questions and learn more about the benefits of an exercise program like this and what it can do for you. There’s no charge and absolutely no obligation to make any decisions.

    Exercise Program for Parkinson's Patients - Phoenix, AZ

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      The WE MOVE Parkinson’s Exercise Program is based in Phoenix, Arizona.
      We are conveniently located just off the 51 at 32nd and Shea.

      All sessions and meetings are by appointment only
      to ensure that your time is valued and uninterrupted.

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